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Office Removals

Relocating an office is the most tedious task you can come across. Moving out logistics can drain so much of not only physical but mental energy as well. With Leadx Removals, we alleviate the entire moving out stress by taking the entire job into our hands. We are well equipped with an entire team of professionals carrying out the task strictly to the client’s instructions.

Leadx is legally licensed to offer office removals in Swindon. Therefore, the moment you call us for the job, you can be sure of receiving quality service delivery like no other. Our service is open to all sectors including NGOs, higher education institutions, local government, privately owned firms, and commercial industries. The company has a wide range of packages for customers to choose depending on their specific needs and requirements.

We have an excellent customer service support team taking you through our quotations. They take time and explain in details what entails a particular package. In the case of a unique request besides our quotations, we tailor-made a package that suits your personal needs and budget. However, cost-effective our rates are, we do not compromise on service delivery. With the latest technology, clients can access our services easily through the internet and mobile phones. You can download our App on your phone or simply visit our website for more information regarding office removals in Swindon.

With some businesses closing down in order to facilitate office removals, at Leadx Removals, we never interrupt productivity of your employees in any way. Our team manager consults on the office operating hours and plans for the moving process on the days your office remains closed. That way, your staff resumes back to work easily as if nothing new has changed.

We have an excellent team of technicians and IT experts helping in the entire set up of furniture and IT equipment in your new office. Our broad range of vehicles enables us to make a single trip to your new office unlike with other companies forced to take several trips. Leadx Removals takes safety measures into consideration. Straight from packing process, transportation, and finally offloading upon reaching the destination, we handle everything with caution.

The company provides special packing materials for sentimental office products and bubble wraps for furniture and file cabinets. We have additional machinery designed for heavy equipment like backup generators and computer servers. For the additional safety, we have an insurance liability cover for passengers and goods in transit which gives our customers peace of mind when hiring for office removals in Swindon.

As a member of British Association Removals, we stand by the guidelines required and keeping up with the high standards when executing our services. Our service is available seven days a week from 7.00 AM to 7.00PM. The entire team of employees at Leadx Removals is courteous and upholds excellent customer service when interacting with clients. Next time you plan to move your office from home to a nearby block, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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