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About Leadx Removals

No matter the kind of removals service you looking for in the town, we provide the excellent solution for the task in front of your hands. The company assists with planning and organizing transport logistics of the office and house removals services. We offer our service to various clients in Swindon including Non-Governmental Organizations, public and private companies, colleges and universities, charitable homes, and residential estates.

Our company is known for offering top-notch rubbish, house and office removals services in the city. We have won several awards from the Removals Association for keeping up with high standards as stipulated in the Code of Contract Agreement. With several years in the industry, the company has acquired additional skills required in the execution of our tasks.

Leadx Removals is approved by the British Removals Association to offer house and office removals in Swindon. With an excellent and professional team of staff behind us, we deliver quality service beyond your expectations. The entire team in the company is very friendly and treats all our clients with the respect they deserve.

During the tasks assigned to us, the staff on the ground handles your property with much care needed. The company provides free packing boxes for normal goods and special wrapping materials for fragile items. On the other hand, we assign a technical experts to handle the removable furniture in your office or home. When it comes to house removals in Swindon, we extremely outdo all our competitors in providing professional services.

The company has invested in new machinery and equipment required for different removals services. This works perfectly for the company in delivering reliable and prompt services to all our customers. With a broad range of vehicles, we can accommodate different sizes of household and office items efficiently with return trips to collect remaining goods.
After arriving in your new office or home, our team ensures everything goes to the right room as per customer’s instructions. They assemble the detachable furniture and arranges them in right spots of the room. Our staff cleans up all clutter from the packaging materials and dispose of appropriately. Leadx Removals hires a qualified team of staff performing their assigned jobs with minimal supervision from the team leader.

Besides house and office removals, we still provide rubbish removals in Swindon. The Environment Association Board has accredited our company to offer garbage and waste collection in Swindon. We strictly abide by the terms and conditions required in rubbish removal services. Our team is available for tasks throughout day or night and we show up for the job in the shortest time possible.

We cater for all kind of waste and no task is either big or small for Leadx Removals. The company offers eco- friendly rubbish solutions by recycling all recyclable wastes and disposes of the remaining trash in landfills. Leadx Removals provides attractive house, office and rubbish removals packages meeting different demands requested by the clients. Reach us on the telephone for more information on our removals services.

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